Hello! We are PopArt. Pleased to meet you. We run a monthly club with live music and DJs, release records by bands we like and run the online fanzine PopArt Digest.

Events: Where it all started back in 2005, putting on the best new underground heroes and bona fide indie legends. After the live music fun we play a shameless mix of indie pop, rock, punk, soul, camp hip hop, stadium fillers, lost classics and new underground gems.

We also do a few themed all dayers throughout the year - The Britpop flavoured “BritPopArt”, and the celebration of Belle & Sebastian’s indie pop magic in a bowling alley that is “Bowl & Sebastian” have become institutions in their own right, with Bowl & Sebastian now in its third year.

We always hope to do more than shove a few bands on and often involve our resident compere "Leicester's Funnyman" “The Bullet” Dave Rees for between band ‘post comedy’ and riotous game shows like ‘Indie Bingo’ or ‘Celebrity Indie Win Lose Or Draw’.

PopArt London the record label makes available to play in your own home some of the fantastic bands we’ve had on at the club. Our first release was a split 7” single on pink vinyl in October 2007, featuring Worcester clatter pop heroes And What Will Be Left Of Them? and London indie pop 8 piece Brontosaurus Chorus. This was followed by ‘Covered At Christmas’, a download album with all profits going to homeless charity St Mungo’s, featuring bands who have played at PopArt covering each others' songs. Fast-forward to November 2008 - synth punk heroes Subliminal Girls and their single ‘Self Obsession Is An Art Form’, available as a download from the usual outlets and also as a VERY limited edition of just 10 hand finished records with sublime packaging by artist Stuart Semple.

PopArt Digest: An online fanzine, including rollercoaster tales of this business we call Show with ‘My Life In Rock’ by MJ Hibbett, which has gone on to spawn an Edinburgh Festival show of the same name.

Welcome to our world. Won’t you come on in?