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excellent flyer by The Quill.

The Last Ever PopArt Event
Saturday 21 July
3pm – 1am
Kingpin Suite, downstairs @Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
FREE before 8pm, £5 after.

Rafaeli & The Real/Evilwitch/New Royal Family/Abdoujaparov/MJ Hibbett & The Validators/The PopArt AllStars.
PLUS! Mr Solo appearing as ‘Virtual Vessel’ (think the recent Tupac hologram, but rendered in glorious 2D. On screen).

AND! The PopArt DJs with all sorts of indie-pop, alt rock, stadium fillers, lost classics, glam stompers, sweet soul music, hip hop, punk, theme tunes and stuff we’ve found down the back of the sofa.

ALSO! Leicester’s Funnyman ‘The Bullet’ Dave Rees with the three comedy vehicles that have served him best (apart from his Vauxhall Corsa) and have universally been hailed as “kind of OK I guess.” Indie Bingo! Indie Celebrity Win, Lose or Draw! The Rees Review!

Well. It looks like we might have made it. Yes; it looks like we’ve made it to the end. And they said it would never happen.
We’re sad to say the rumours are true. After nigh on seven years, and (officially measured) several shed loads of events, record releases, tenuous themes, unworkable game shows and most of our decisions being based on ridiculous puns, the PopArt Knights are finally hanging up the armour of our faith in genuine DIY culture and laying down the sword of silliness, at least in as far as it involves us staying up past bedtime.
But no tears! Not today! For there is one last, almighty celebration to be had. And have it we shall. Rather than letting it fade away quietly PopArt deserves to be laid to rest in a loud, boisterous, lovely flurry of great music, dancing and laughter. We would dearly love to see you all there and share this with you because it would have been a very short ride if you hadn’t supported us and got yourselves involved. We’re sad but also hugely excited. We’ve no regrets and have chosen to go out like this with a bang rather than a whimper. This is a party, not a funeral.
So one more time Smart Kids. One more time will we meet with tambourines on the dancefloor, a song in our ears, a drink in our belly and joy in our hearts, and think not of the hangovers in the morning. Let’s do this Irish wake style and give PopArt the send off it deserves.
We have got together the most marvellous acts who, over the years, have perhaps most understood and supported the crazy PopArt dream – that a ramshackle group of fans could do things their own way. Do more than throw on some ‘hot’, trendy bands and take your money but put on imaginative events that they’d want to go to full of fun, humour and absurdity, put out records they’d want to hear and they want the world to hear. In short do every little thing straight from the heart, with all passion and no pretention, working with bands we genuinely love and always saying “why not?” Why not pay homage to our heroes in our own ridiculous way? Why not dress up like Jedi Knights/Superheroes/Pirates? Why not get people doing paintings and drawings? Why not have live game shows with bands and Smart Kids alike pushing a chocolate bar across the floor with a fork (“A Galaxy Far, Far Away,”), kicking a doll around an obstacle course (“Something In The Way,”) or showing off their U.S. geography knowledge (“The State That I am In,”)? Why the hell not?
As ever, and for always,
Keep A Little PopArt in your heart


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