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excellent flyer by The Quill.

Goodness gracious! PopArt London are delighted to announce our next event - a summer day, drifting away, and oh-ho a summer night spent celebrating the birth of the teenager and the irrepressible spirit of ROCK AND ROLL. The 50s and early 60s were exciting times when unprecedented changes took place, as seen in documentaries like ‘Happy Days’. The inspiration of rock and roll music famously led to the invention of sex and drugs and many other things we take for granted. The shockwaves from the musical earthquake of rock and roll continue to be felt today – every time you hear a song that grabs you by the heart and the loins, every time you race to the dance floor because you just HAVE to move to that beat, every time a song talks to YOU and not your parents or your teachers – that, my friends is ROCK AND ROLL. Great Bowls Of Fire is all about celebrating the immense energy of the rousing, revolutionary music created by the pioneers and innovators who paved the way for everything we know and love in rock and pop.

There’s a truck load of the best modern beat combos around playing LIVE, including:

Jailhouse Judd & His Jailbait Juniors – Playing a set of rock and roll covers The most wonderfully named supergroup since Million Dollar Quartet (look them up) featuring members of Bicycle Thieves, Brontosaurus Chorus and Robot Blues cranking out timeless hits by Elvis, Johnny Cash and more to delight your jiving feet.

Machetes (Canada) We got a call from Roger O'Donnell of the Cure (as you do) about these four scuzzy-glam girls, currently whipping up a storm in their native Toronto with "Rock and roll drenched by the scathing tongue of punk and post-punk passion.” Yes please Rog! Put them on a plane!

The New Royal Family New single ‘The New Royal Family Rule OK’ tells us “Remember the rule that’s unspoken. Rules are made to be broken.” That’s rock n roll right there. Plus it’s got its own dance, which we expect you to have learned.

Jonny Cola and the A-Grades “Jump from yer sickbed and wave your glittery scarf anthemage and if it were any more catchy it’d be downright vulgar” (Kitten Painting).

The Last Army Rock and roll broken with a dark pop edge, taking in Lou Reed, The Clash, Serge Gainsbourg and Sonic Youth. “They’re prefect,” reckons Eddie Argos.

Cursors New wavers who operate on the fringes of the law, tagged and under the strict supervision of parole officers, like any self respecting teenage delinquent. "Disturbingly good" (Organ Magazine)

Gamages Model Train Club PopArt friends return to “impart an energy and eloquent lyricism that is part devil-souled bluesman and part 19th century gentleman’s club…”, New York
(Running order TBC)

The PopArt DJs will be spinning the rock n roll records that changed the world in the 50s and 60s, as well as songs from throughout the ages that retain that power and rebel spirit, for your dancing pleasure throughout the day and into the night.

There’ll be 50s movies showing in the Ramp Cinema, plus more games and fun throughout the day. Our resident compere Dave Rees will be on hand, appearing, for one day only, as the Rebel Without A Punch Line, Rydel’s Funnyman Dave Grease. He’ll be hosting the first ever edition of the special biker game show ‘Leader Of The Pack’. Dave Grease will also be hosting a special edition of ‘Rock n Roll Bingo’, where you crazy kids cross off the songs as they’re played and get prizes for a full house.

Dressing the part is hugely encouraged – we want to see a room full of unfeasibly large quiffs, big ol’ 50s skirts, bobby socks, skin tight trousers, brothel creepers, bootlace ties, leather jackets, greasers, bikers, Teddy Boys, Fonzies, T-Birds and Pink Ladies. There will be prizes on the day for the best dressed guy and gal.

All this takes place in the suitably 50s surrounding of the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, offering a 50s American style diner for those all important hot dogs and milkshakes, private karaoke rooms and … erm … bowling.

At the risk of being hunted down as communists, we’re making this FREE ENTRY!

We know it’s only rock n roll. But we like it. Yes we do. Keep a little PopArt in your heart.

click here for a bigger map - but remember the entrance to the Lanes is on Bedford Way!

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