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Flyer by andy dickinson.

Dave Rees presents Countdrown.

Life Or Death Countdrown - with Dave Rees.

Videos of the PopArt Allstars:

David Devant & His Spirit Wife: A double album of devant rarities has recently been released, bringing together thirty pop classics from a parallel universe which sadly never made it onto earlier albums due to "brit pop's disdain for charm and penchant for fist punching over chin stroking guiding record company policy, kids!" The band have promised a low-key matinee show consisting of audience requests, as well a trademark, theatrical headline performance.

Charm & fistpunching in equal measures was also provided by:

The Indelicates with their wonderful mix of folk-punk shanties that brings to mind Shane & Kirsty's verbal sparring...

Headless. Some gruesome halloween riot-grrrl sounds...

Screaming Mimi femme-fetale surf-noir stylings straight outta Frank Miller's Sin City (or Sheffield)

Footlong Heroes theatrical garage-punks fronted by tim curry's 6''7" 'little' brother...

Several members of PopArt alumni are putting together a band called "The PopArt All Stars" who will covered some Halloween-themed classics.

Naturally dressing up is encouraged and for one night only, our compare "Leicester's Funnyman" Dave Rees will be "Count Gagula". Footlong heroes won the apple bobbing-based "Count Drown" contest

The PopArt Dj's will also be on the decks (no pun intended) spinning a fine mix of indiepop, pumpkin punk, spooky soul and rabid rock n roll.

AND NO... The 'orrors are not on the guestlist...

Photos by Julia Indelicate

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