PAL005 And What Will Be Left Of Them? - The Hi-Fi Low Life

"A Future Classic" - Artrocker

"4/5: Off-kilter pop that you simply canít forget" - God Is In The TV

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Release date: 16th March 2009: CD & digital download

1. DIY Not DIE 2. Dance, Damn You, Dance 3. Orlick! Orlick! 4. Jesus 5. Hi-Fi Low Life 6. Servants Of The State To Be 7. Four Years To Be An Artist 8. Grace 9. L'amour Violent 10. Come With Me 11. Look In Your Eye 12. Calling All Cars 13. Kids In America

The album, 13 tracks in length, has already had its fair share of bad luck associated with that number. Two years in the making, this is the second attempt at recording the album, with the first scrapped due to complications. And with a change of vocalist after finishing this latest version, the anticipation of their avid followers and the intrigue surrounding one of the most awesomely named bands in pop continues to grow.

Each song on the album is timed never to indulge or outstay its welcome, with 9 of the 13 clocking in at well under 3 minutes. It is testament to the bandís talent and ear for a pop hook that they are able to create a sound in such a phenomenally short time which sticks to your brain well after the albums secret track has passed by.

Originally formed 5 years ago, and having released singles on celebrated indie label Filthy Little Angels and the offshoot label of their club night by the same name; Little Hell Fire Club, it is fair to say AWWBLOT are no strangers to the workings of self promotion. Not only have they successfully toured Germany, Holland and the UK on more than one occasion, they also supported one release with a tour of motorway service stations. That this was done in the month of November shows honest DIY grit that is refreshing to witness. However, it is not all work with this six-piece. With a history of drink related stories that would make even the most die hard booze-Britain candidate blush, including falling asleep on stage, punching yourself unconscious and unwittingly causing your body to develop Alcohol-Induced-Acute-Pancreatitis, AWWBLOT certainly know when to have a good time. Stopping is the problem.

With radio support from Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens, Jon Kennedy, Marsha Shandur and countless local radio stations and internet shows the bands name now carries a lot of weight and not just because of its length. Support slots with such acts as; ¡Forward Russia!, Art Brut, We Start Fires, Mistyís Big Adventure, Untitled Musical Project, Lupen Crook, The Pigeon Detectives, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Kate Nash and even a couple of Smiths, have all gone to enhance AWWBLOTís reputation as Worcesterís finest and Englandís art-pop darlings.