PAL007 Lost Boy Scout - Stag

"In the course of a couple of minutes manages to run rings round the mighty AWWBLOT" - Another Form of Relief.

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Release date: 14th December 2009: digital download

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Following the demise of Worcester-based clatterpop band And What Will Be Left Of Them? (AWWBLOT), chief shouter, song writer and guitar hitter Peter Adams is back in solo form under the guise LOST BOY SCOUT. He is already being hailed as “the last of the clatterpop heroes" (RHYTHM & BOOZE), spurred on by a drunken bet with his brother, he plans to record and release four albums within a year.

His debut effort STAG was written and recorded within a matter of weeks, whilst a Christmas single is due for release on Helen Llewelyn Product 19. With the first hurdle successfully cleared it is little wonder that Andrew Marston announced "I predict big things for the King of Worcester, Pete Adams" live on BBC Radio One’s Huw Stephens Show. Let’s see what LOST BOY SCOUT goes on to achieve...

ABOUT STAG: “I suppose it’s my first go on my own… but I don’t think it shows too much. It still sounds like a full band playing even though everything was done by Dave Draper (the producer) and myself. I wanted this record to essentially just be an out and out indie pop blast that we could make quickly. After spending two years making the AWWBLOT album I was desperate not to get bogged down in recording hell. We finished it in four days!“ Peter Adams