PAL008 Brontosaurus Chorus - Sandman/Coming Down

"... evokes a Dream Pop melancholy seldom seen in the indie Pop scene. A Great Single!" - so say Cargo...

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Release date: 09/08/2010: digital download

1. Sandman 2. Coming Down.

"Sandman is a bit of a depature for the band, seeing them move into a more haunted-folk meets gothic n' western terrortory building from a slow and sinister dreamlike throb to a wall of aching violins with a lone trumpet riff occasionally emerging from the mix acting like a ghostly guide in a strange new world.

There's a superbly creepy promo video to accompy it which you can see here if you dare:

In stark contrast, the second song Coming Down sees Brontosaurus Chorus produce their most perfect pop song to date. Powered along with a steady beat and driving bass the verses explode into a joyus "ba baba baba" vocal line vs trumpet line chrous. Jodie's vocals confidently steer this galloping horse of melodic power which only slows it's pace for a sweet and short graze at a strings/ trumpet instrumental midle section before racing off again for the finishing line. Does this galloping horse of melodic power win the rosette? I'd like to think so." - PhoeniX PhiL, August 2010.