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The PopArt Pirate Party is a boisterous celebration of everything that's great about summer: syrupy sunshine, daytime drinking and parties on boats. Plus, you can bring your cutlass. DJs from the much-loved Panic club night are on the decks on deck, spinning crowd-pleasing indie, while acoustic performances come from folkstress Candythief and others. Below the boards, Jim Bob (formerly of the inimitable Carter USM) gets raucous, while Lucky Soul spins a cloud of perfect pop confectionary. The crushed-out Language of Flowers are the flake in the alt-pop soft-serve, leaving you to skip, instead of walk, the plank home.
- Flavourpill #146
London's indiepop pranksters, responsible for some of the most fun nights out in town.
Ian Watson, Indie Travel Guide.
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Some of the best up-and-coming alternative London rock acts, mixed with the suave style of James Bond naturally, it all happens in a bowling alley. OK, so it may be unconventional, but it's proved a winning combination before, when the wonderfully titled Bowl and Sebastian proved a big hit at this same venue. Prepare to be knocked over by twisted indie combo the Laurel Collective, nu-folkster Kriss Foster and the cellotastic Sunset Gun, among others. And the 007 link? All bands have to play at least one cover version of a Bond classic. (AJ).
Recommended in Flavourpill #174
Celebrate the 30 years since Star Wars crash-landed in cineplexes worldwide by going bowling dressed as Yoda and listening to the strains of cosmic musical tributes. Eat, drink, bowl and quote classic lines with abandon as cheery Belle & Sebastian soundalikes Pocketbooks charm you with handclaps and harmonies, then follow the Klouds' fuzzy guitar washes with a chaser of moody indie from the excellent Smallgang. The Low Edges excellently rechristened the Han Solo Edges for the evening round out the bill with some ominous-sounding alt-country rock.
Flavourpill #185